Search for Relevant Real Estate Data for a Successful Transaction

CEU Training | For OACIQ and AMF Members

Formation JLR

About this 2 CEU Training

This training, offering 2 CEU in specialized content from OACIQ and AMF, will allow you to learn about the three main features of JLR: due diligence, real estate estimation and prospecting. Learn to use JLR to search relevant information on a property and its neighbourhood to better inform your clients before selling or buying a property. 

*Attendance is mandatory to get the CEU credits. Training is non-refundable, except in case of emergencies.

** If you previously attended a CEU training with JLR, you can still subscribe to this one. However, note that we are allowed to allocate a maximum of 2 credit per person, so depending on the training you did, the number of credit that you will receive for this one may vary.


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Details about this training



April 22, 2021



10AM  to 12PM







Training Benefits


Get 2 Unit of Continuing Education Program from OACIQ or AMF


Obtain Deeds in PDF Format and Upload Them in your GED


Analyze, Evaluate and Prospect Properties in Your Area 

What you will learn in this training

  • Obtain deeds in a PDF format for your GED, directly from JLR.
  •  Discover bad debts and radiations on a building.
  •  Analyze real estate information of a sector, even AVPP 
  •  Get Automated Valuation Reports.
  •  Create list for your farm area.
  • Learn how artificial intelligence can apply in real estate
  •  And many other tips that will make your life easier!