How can I consult my previous orders?

You wish to see again a property profile or a report that you have purchased recently? Here's how to access them

In JLR, there are many ways to find the property profiles you previously consulted or the reports you've ordered in the past. 

Option 1

1. Click on My transactions on your Dashboard. 


Option 2 

2. Click on My JLR Acount in the left menu. 

3. Select Review My Transactions.


4. You will then be redirected to a tab named '' My Consultation '' where you'll find a list of the last 25 property profiles you have consulted and the last 10 reports you have downloaded.  Simply click on the one you wish to view. 

Note: if you want to consult documents that are not listed your 25 latest orders, please go to your Documents to find them.