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I can't find the property I am looking for, what should I do?

Here's why you can't find some properties and what to do to make it right.

There might have been a change in the civic address or a municipal fusion. Try to perform your search using the Quick Search tab at the top.


Tip: Only write the civic number and the first three  characters of the street name and click on the arrow to launch your search. You  will find all properties susceptible to be the right one.

Other writing tips for the Quick Search
  • Type only the first three characters of the street : e.g. chatea instead of chateaubriand
  • Avoid prefix like avenue, street, boulevard, etc.
  • Avoid suffix like : le, du, de la , des, etc. 
  • Write St or St instead of Saint or Sainte
  • Always write number like this : 1e avenue instead of 1ère