What is a JLR Dollar and how can I buy one?

JLR dollars must be purchased to consult documents that are not included in your subscription plan. Here's how to buy them.

 A JLR dollar costs a Canadian dollar. JLR dollars are valid for the duration of your subscription. If you decide to end your subscription, your JLR dollars that have not been used will be refunded. See page My Rates in My JLR Account to know the details of your subscription plan.

Note :  JLR Dollars are refundable only if they were purchased with your credit card.  If  your corporate package includes some JLR Dollars, they aren't exchangeable. Refunds will be made on the same card used for the purchase. Every refund request needs to be done by email.

1. In the left menu, click Add JLR Dollars.
2. Insert the amount of dollars you wish to purchase. (min. $20)

3.  Click on the refresh icon to update the taxes and totals.

4.  Verify your credit card information. Click Update if you wish to change it.

5. Click Next to complete the purchase. 

Once your transaction is completed, your invoice will be available in My Purchases tab available from the My transaction section of the JLR acount.