2023 Mortgage Market Report

Province of Quebec

Rapport JLR


When acquiring a property, a large majority of people decide to take out a mortgage. Discover which mortgage lenders are the most chosen when a property is about to be acquired  and the  previsions for the year to come. 

The mortgage deeds were compiled by JLR from the Quebec Land Register.

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-24 %

More than 203,000 mortgages were registered in 2023, a decrease of 24% compared to 2022

+10 %

Toronto-Dominion Bank records the highest increase in market share (+10%) in 2023

-33 %

Bank of Scotia records the largest decrease (-33 %) compared to 2022

37,7 %

Despite a 4% drop in market share, Desjardins still dominates the market with 37,7 % of mortgages granted 

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