How Can I Edit my Evia Report

The new version of the Evia Report allows you to select the information you want in your PDF. Here is how to do it.

  1. In the Evia Report, click on the Edit  button.
  2. To personalize your report with your branding, click on ‘’add a logo“.
  3. To edit the state of your property, click on this icon.

  4. Change the state of your property by moving the bar from left to right, according to your needs. Click on Change to save your modification.

    Note 1: when you modify the state of your property, the estimated value of your subject will automatically be updated to reflect your change.

    Note 2: To insure that the estimated price stays fair and reliable to your subject, you will not be able to modify it directly.

  5. To remove a section from your final report, click on the eye icon. If this icon is not displayed, it is because you can’t remove that information from the report.
  6. To reinstate a section, go to the bottom of the web page, and click on the +, located at the side of the information you want to put back.
  7. To quit the editing mode, click on the Edit icon again.