Is there a section that regroups all my purchases and documents in JLR?

Yes ! When you purchase or order anything in JLR, these documents are saved at various places on the Website, one of them being the My Documents section. Here's how to access it.

In the page My Documents of the section My JLR Account, you will find all your ordered files sorted (automatically) into different folders. Access them anywhere, anytime, as longs you have the Internet!

Once you get into your documents, you will see a couple of elements

1. The amount of disk space you use. 

2. Purple folders will be displayed.  Click on the appropriate folder, to access the files in this directory. 

Note : The image below displays  10 folders, but you might not have as many in your documents. In fact, each directory is automatically created when you order a document of this type. For example, the Evia Report folder will be created once you purchase one Evia Report. 


3. The General folder, allow to import your own documents, regardless of type and property address.


4. When you upload a document in a property profile, e.g. casdtral plan, a folder is also created. In that document, you will be able to find all the report you ordered or created for that specific address. 

Note : if you order reports but do not upload any document in your property profile, your documents will be available in the more global folder as no directory will be creater for the address. 

5.  Once you selected a document, click on the name of the document to download it. Note that the typeof document and the date are indicated.

6.  You can delete a sheet by selecting it and clicking on the trash can.