8 types of different orders are available in JLR

Order: a decision by a judge that requires or prohibits a person from engaging in a specific action.


Order – Commission de protection du territoire agricole: A judicial decision that obliges or prohibits a person from taking action relating to the protection of agricultural land.


Restraint Order: a decision from a judge that prevents the recipient from transferring the property in question or their rights to that property, except as established under the order itself. The judge may order that the property be either transferred or returned to an administrator that he/she appoints. This director is the only person entitled to manage said property at that time.


Confiscation Order: a judge's decision requiring a person to confiscate property or take property that belongs to someone else as punishment.


Desist Order: a decision by a judge that requires a person to relinquish a right that (s)he has (e.g. an ownership right).


Receiving Order: a judge’s decision to retain funds from the sale of a property (or business) until the formalities have been completed in order to pay creditors with rights to determine the price of the sale and then remit the balance to the vendor.


Interim Receiving Order: the court issues an order of this kind to protect the debtor's assets. This situation arises when the creditor believes that the debtor may squander his or her property before a garnishing order is made.


Confirmed Order - Transfer of Ownership: a confirmed decision from a judge that gives the latter enforceability to require a person to take action or prohibit them from doing so - in this case for a person to be required to transfer his or her ownership right to a property.