Will I Loose My Inclusions if I Decide to Upgrade My Plan Before My Current Monthly Subscription Ends?

You have used most of your monthly inclusions and wish to upgrade your plan to get some more, but you do not know what will happen to the rest of unused products? Will they be cumulated to your new plan of is my balance going to be reset?

If you choose to upgrade your package during an ongoing month, JLR will register your action as new monthly subscription, with a new billing date. 

Thus, the inclusions that are left in your previous package will not be added to the inclusions offered in your new plan. By upgrading your plan,  your inclusion balance will be reset, as if you are beginning a new month. 

For exemple : I am a user of the Expertp plan that includes 20 property profiles and 30 transactions. I used all my property profile inclusions but still have 10 transactions to use for this current month. But, because I need to consult more property profile, I choose to subscribe to the Premium plan, which includes 50 profiles and 75 transactions. Once my change is completed, my inclusions will contain 50 property profiles and 75 transactions, and not 85.