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The File That I Ordered Is Not Attached to the Confirmation Email I Received. Where Can I Access It?

You have ordered a document in JLR, but the file was not attached to the email sent to confirm you that your document is available for consultations? Here's what to do!

For security reasons, files that are usually attached to your email are now only accessible through the member section of JLR. Emails are sent only to notify you when you document are available for consultation in the platform, thus,  you will have to log in to view them.

To  acces the right document quickly, simply click on the orange button in the e-mail. 

Note that  you can access your ordered files at all time using  My documents tab.

Are you a RE/MAX, Via Capitale or Royal LePage Member?

You can use your usual platform to log in and then, through your documents, find the right folder to access your files.