What is the Transactions Search tool for?

Create a report containing the legal mortgages, the 60-days notices, the surrenders, the registered leases, the transmissions and much more for a selected borough.  In the report, you will find the characteristics of properties, the summary of the transactions that have been made and a photo, when available.


Characteristics of the Transactions Search Tool

  • Select the properties that you want to include in the report;
  • Sort the results by civic numbers, building categories, number of units or floors, price and date of the sale;
  • Consult the deed;
  • Visualize the properties on a map;
  • The transactions are available on the JLR’s website 48 hours after they have been notarized and registered in the Land Registry office.

8 Search Modes Available

1. Civic number / Street name :  search a transaction on property that you have the address. 

2.  Address (for a section of a street) : Seletc the municipality and, if applicable, the borough, the street, the range of civic numbers, suite number (if applicable). Uncheck the box Remove filters from my sectors, if you wish to include all cities in Québec. 

3.  FSA (for a small area) : Insert the FSA number. By clicking See FSA Map, you will be redirected on a page that will help you defined your three first characters of a postal code.

4. Municipality ( for a medium-sized area):  Insert the city and if applicable its borough. You can uncheck the box Remove filters from my sectors, if you wish to include all cities in Québec. 

5.  MRC (for a bigger area) : Search by Regional County Municipality.

6. BDP (for the biggest area) : Search by Cadrastral Parish

7. Lot Number (for one address only) : Insert the lot number, e.g. 1234567

8. Transaction Number (for one address only): Insert the transaction number, e.g. 12 345 678

Search within more than 80 types of real estate transactions

You can search for 60-day notices, legal mortgage, cession/donation, repossessions, sales, partial sales, transmissions, notices of rent collections lease and more.