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The Property Profile is an essential source of information for every real estate or mortgage transaction. The JLR database contains all residential and commercial real estate transactions, private sales, new constructions and vacant lots.

Use a Property Profile as a complement to its Centris® sheet to confirm legal information and avoid bad surprises. You can have access to the property sheet via the shortcut Quick Search (top right).

Property Profile Features

The summary contains :

  • Confirmation of the registration division, lot number and civic address;
  • Owners’ names and a link to their contact details at Canada 411 or the REQ;
  • History of notarized transactions related to the property since 1986: sales, mortgages, prior notices,abandonments, legal mortgages, notices of contamination — more than 75 types of transactions arecompiled every day;
  • Photo of the façade or our Virtual JLR tool;
  • Physical description of the property;
  • Municipal assessment (if available);
  • Building or renovation permits (if available);
  • The neighbourhood’s sociodemographic profile;
  • Identification of agricultural areas and riverside properties.

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Related Tools :

• The Walk Score® indicates nearby services and their accessibility;
• Create an Alert to be updated on any relevant transaction concerning a property;
• Order the EVIA Report to get an automated evaluation of your proprerty;
• Fire Stations tells you the location of, and the distance to the closest fire station;
• Consult the web portal of the city by clicking Municipal Assessment;
• Order a Preliminary Title Report to get up-to-date information.

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