Benefit from a database of more than
7 million real estate transactions, compiled
from the Quebec Land Register

Do you want to facilitate your search of land title information, maximize
the productivity of your operations and optimize your business processes? 


As a leader in land title solutions, we offer various types of innovative services based on the integration and distribution of real estate data, including:


Online services for real estate professionals who want to analyze, evaluate and prospect in an area 


Customized solutions for businesses that have
specific projects or needs

Our team of professionals collaborate with our clientele to develop
personalized solutions, adapted to the realities of their sector of activity


Real estate services

To obtain real estate information about a property and its sector


Financial services

To assist in risk analysis, portfolio management, business development, etc.


Public sector services

To help municipalities, public enterprises, governments and agencies fulfill their mandate

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Our mission is to make accurate land title data accessible to better help our clients and facilitate their search of real estate information.

Therefore, since 1986, our area of expertise in information technology and in the creation of customized solutions allows us to:

  • Develop custom applications , adapted to your needs, that integrates JLR's data or your own database.

  • Implement Web Services to give you access to JLR's real estate data directly in your IT platform.

  • Create geomatics and cartographic solutions for your territorial division or geomarketing projects.


Blog articles written by our experts help you demystify various
subjects about the real estate market in Quebec

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