JLR, a powerful search tool for mortgage professionals 

Accelerate your daily searches with features that can give you access to real estate information from the Quebec Land Register in a few clicks.


JLR features created to help mortage brokers


Property profile

With the property profile, you can access real estate information registered on a specific address. This data, collected from the Quebec Land Register, can help you validate the owner's name, view the transactions historic since 1986, access the municipal assessment and much more


Transaction search

Use this search engine of more than 7,000,000 transactions as a tool for prospecting. You can search through notarized sales of over 5 years to help you identify mortgages potentially up for renewal in your area.  


Comparables generator

This interactive tool will help you analyze sales of properties similar to yours and located in the same neighbourhood, up to 24 months back. Moreover, you can create PDF reports to get more information on each transaction.


Prospecting tool

Use this prospecting tool to generate labels and lists for your marketing campaign to reach owners by mail. This can assist you promote your services to your desired target.


Alerts and notifications

The real estate alert can be activated on a specific property or a specific area. This can help you stay informed of the real estate activity in your area and potentially help you scope new clients, if opportunity arises. 


Real estate radar

The radar is a powerful tool uses JLR's data to give you access to statistics on sales, bad debts and the sociodemographic profile of an area during a specific period. This interactive tool can help analyze the real estate market in a given sector.



to help facilitate your daily life and your search for potential leads that are looking to renew their mortgage