Take advantage of JLR's expertise and a database of more than 7 million real transactions to access unique solutions, created to answer your needs.

Are you working in one of these three public sectors? JLR's personalized solutions are for you.

Découvrez comment les outils de JLR peuvent vous être utiles dans vos fonctions en immobilier

Municipalities or RCMs

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Government Agencies 

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Whether your goal is protection, analysis, information sharing or public safety, our databases will help you efficiently fulfil your mandate and improve services to citizens

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Do you want to go further in the realisation of your mandate? JLR offers personalized solutions to help you, as a professional in the public sector, surpass your goals. 


Development of custom applications and files

Get your own application that can integrate your data with those of JLR and manage costs related to application deployment and licence management.

Our expertise:
  • Designing websites and search engines
  • Customizing existing platforms
  • Conception of databases 
  • Creating personalized files for massive data sending on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (with possibility of cross-referencing our data with yours)
  • Migrating databases
  • ...and much more

Personalized study on the real estate market of your municipality

Ask our economists to generate a real estate market study of your city to better understand its dynamic. The information displayed in this report can assist you in taking guided decisions regarding real estate development in your municipality.

Examples of data available for analysis:

  • data on composition of housing stock;
  • information on real estate transactions, by sector and property types;
  • distinction between new construction and resale markets
  • geographic maps with positioning of sold properties;
  • focus on single-family home and condominium markets

 Web implemantation services

These services are a simple way to access JLR'sdata without purchasing the entitre JLR database and to get the most up-to-date information possible. Our web implementation services will assist you in validating, integrating or accessing information from JLR directly within your own existing applications or platforms

  • Secure JSON web services
  • Daily data updates available
  • Location data via JLR's geo-localization service

Are you a professional in the public sector with a specific project in mind or a particular challenge to take on? Ask us how we can help you accomplish it!