JLR, a powerful tool for real estate brokers

Unique solutions, developed with data from the Quebec Land Register, to facilitate the daily life of real estate brokers.  

The JLR platform will help you : 


 JLR features that are useful to real estate brokers


Property Profile

To access information from the Quebec Land Register, including real estate transactions and their notarized deeds of private sales, new constructions and vacant lands.


Prospecting Tool

Create personalized lists of properties that can better correspond to your business needs to target potential leads that meet your criteria. Get their home address to contact them easily by mail. 


Transaction Search

Search through over 7 000 000 notarized transactions of over 80 types, collected by JLR on a daily basis. This feature will help you target potential clients and analyze the market of your farm area.


Real Estate Evaluation 

Generate an automated appraisal report to help you estimate e market value for a residential property, whether it's a single-family home, a duplex, a triplex or a condominium.


Real Estate Alert

Stay informed om real estate transactions in your area, or on a specific property, with the JLR Alert.  This feature will help you avoid bad surprises on your current listings and will allow you to stay informed of the real estate activity in your area.


Comparables Generator

Anlayze recent sales of properties similar to your subject and located nearby, including private sales. Create reports of comparables to get detailed information on each transaction, including the sale price vs. municipal assessment ratio (RPVE).


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Propel your career in real estate with the help of JLR features developed specially for real estate professionals since 1986 !