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Solutions, created with data from the Quebec Land Register, to help real estate investors make the best decisions

As an investor, the JLR platform will help you : 


JLR features useful to real estate investors


Property Profile

Access not only data from the Quebec Land Register, like the transactions historic and their notarized deed, but also information from other sources like municipal assessments, construction permits and information about the neighbourhood, if available


Real Estate Assessment

This report, created using artificial intelligence,  will help you estimate the market value of a single-family home, condominium, duplex or triplex. The report automatically  generates up to 9 comparables to help you in your analysis.  


Transaction Search

Search through more than 7,000,000 notarized transactions of over 80 types collected by JLR on a daily basis to help you find potential business occasions in the neighbourhood that interest you. 


Comparables Generator 

This tool will allow you to analyze recent sales of properties similar to yours and at proximity, including private sales. You can create comparables reports to get more information on each transaction, including the price vs municipal assessment ratio. 


Real Estate Alert

Use the alert to be notified when a certain type of transaction is registered in your area, which can lead you to a potential new deal, or set up an alert on a specific address to help avoid bad surprises during a transaction.


Real Estate Radar

The real estate radar is an interactive tool that will allow you to get statistics on sales, bad debts, and the sociodemographic profile of an area for a building category during a chosen period :  a great tool to assist you in your real estate market analysis

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by analyzing the real estate information collected by JLR from the Quebec Land Register since 1986!