Do you want to prevent fraud and reduce risk while propelling your business? JLR's solutions for financial professionals can help you do just that! 


Risk analysis, investigations,
and recovery


Portfolio Monitoring


Business Development


Solutions for financial professionals that want to analyze risk, investigate real estate transactions or operate in the collection space

Before financing or insuring a real estate asset, use JLR's online tools to access reliable information to help you complete your files and spot potential problems during underwriting. 


Keywords search

This powerful search tool allows you to perform in-depth research on notarized transactions for a specific name registered since 1986. Our database of over 22 million stakeholders and our 5 search modes help financial professionals to: 

  • investigate to potentially detect fraud
  • track real estate assets, whether they're located in Quebec or the United States
  • perform a detailed analysis using the real estate transation history
  • and much more.

Link analysis tool

Accessible via the Web portal of JLR, the Link Analysis will allow you to go deeper in your search of the real estate activities that seems suspiscious. This visual system, presented as an interactive graph, will help you quickly understand the data in order to identify fraudulent transactions. This graph will help you:

  • demystify real estate data easily with a more visual approach;
  • identify trends and detect fraudulent transactions
  • find stakeholders involved in a specific real estate transaction;
  • perform a deeper analysis using the data history
  • and much more

Solutions for financial professionals that want to monitor their real estate portfolio

JLR’s monitoring solutions enable you to validate the value of your real estate portfolio, to analyze it, and to stay informed about new transactions that might disrupt it. 


*Fictional data

Market shares and mortgage movements

Get a report detailing your mortgage market shares for financing and refinancing, and compare yourself to your competitors. Customize your report according to area, type of building and time period. Take advantage of Quebec's largest real estate database with our customized market share reports. Identify your risk areas and compare your growth to that of your competitors. Complete your market shares report by observing the flow of your mortgages towards other institutions. This option will help you monetize the value of lost business opportunities and identify trends.


Portfolio monitoring

Be notified of new transactions that could impact a property in your portfolio. Using your database, JLR automatically creates an alert for each of the selected properties. Email alerts can be sent to different departments within your organization, e.g. according to the type of building, the type of transaction and much more.


Constructor market shares

This report enables you to identify the most active builders around your place of business. See also which institutions have the most market shares among your area's new building projects. Our recovery tools can also help you  confirm your agreements with different builders by verifying the origin of their buyers' mortgage loans.


Tracker of portfolio value

Based on an automated value model (AVM), this service use artificial  intelligence to help you to track the market value of your real estate portfolio in real time. This appraisal model is based more than 30 years of real estate transactions, collected from the Quebec Land Register, including private sales.


Notarized deed server

Centralize your documents originating from the land register, such as notarized deeds and the legal history of properties, in order to better manage your real estate information. This solution enables you to easily share information within your organization, to avoid duplicate purchases and to facilitate your administrative compensation processes.


Solutions to help financial professionals grow their business

With expertise in geomatics and a comprehensive real estate database, JLR can create personalized solutions to help you search for potential customers in your sector.  


Is the growth and security of your business important to you? JLR's solutions for financial professionnals may be right for you !