Save time by letting JLR's paralegal team perform your complex
research at the Quebec Land Register for you 

Access your documents in 24 business hours after confirming your order*


Make sure that you have in hand the real estate information
affecting a property or a lot and avoid surprises

Included in the RPTI report :

  • Owner name(s);

  • The title of the acquisition like sale, transmission, cession, donation;

  • The act of the load ( mortgage deed);

  • If applicable, other charges affecting the building. E.g. 60-day notices or legal mortgage;

  •  The declaration of co-ownership

  • The Index of Immovables

  • Other relevant documents

  • And much more!

No Matter What JLR Package You Have, an RPTI Cost $30

*Depending on the case, the time laps to receive your document can vary. For example, if our paralegal needs more detail on your request, they will email you within 24h and send your document within 48h.  


Let the JLR Team Work for You

Order a Preliminary Report on the Real Estate Titles (RPTI) to get the document affecting a property or a lot without any efforts.